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BE27 0013 6617 4773 (Belgium) or DE 42 511 500 18 0000 00 1552 (Germany)


“Many people get depressed when seeing the return on their savings account at the bank. Of course! For a super-return they’d better invest in school banks than in common banks. With a school such as The Swallow I would safely estimate the rate of return to exceed 20% a year.” (Ides Nicaise, educational economist)

Would you like to invest in education? A school always has many wishes…

The best help are people donating even a small amount every month:

  • with €5 monthly we can provide a healthy daily lunch for 2 children!
  • with €10 monthly we can provide books for one subject for a whole class!

Of course a one-time donation is also appreciated! Some examples:

  • writing utensils and exercise books for 1 child: €3
  • every day a healthy lunch for 1 child, for an academic year: €30
  • materials for first aid care for the children: €60
  • construction of a shadow roof at the lunch tables: €192
  • camp activities for about 200 children and youths: €480

Support us!


Vzw De Zwaluw
Kanterstraat 14 - 8940 Geluwe
RPR Gent, afdeling Kortrijk
ondern.-nr.: 0475.779.753
IBAN: BE 2700 1366 1747 73

For Belgian support with tax reduction:

Enkele vrienden van de vzw richtten het Fonds Vrienden van De Zwaluw, beheerd door de Koning Boudewijnstichting, op.

Stortingen vanaf 40 euro op rekening van de Koning Boudewijnstichting geven aanleiding tot een belastingvermindering van 45 % op het werkelijk gestorte bedrag. U zal in het volgende jaar een fiscaal attest ontvangen voor uw belastingsaangifte. 

BE10 0000 0000 0404 - BPOTBEB1 - vermeld zeker 016/1800/00023

U kan rechtstreeks storten via volgende link:


Komitee für Nothilfe Limburg e.V.
Rudolf-Schuy-Str. 6, 65549 Limburg
Tel.: 06431/45240
Kennwort „Gambia“:
Kreissparkasse Limburg 
IBAN: DE 42 511 500 18 0000 00 1552